February 25, 2024
MultiChoice Talent Factory Graduates Class Of 2023
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MultiChoice Talent Factory Graduates Class Of 2023

MultiChoice has graduated its class of the 2023 Talent Factory, congratulating them for successful completion of their training.

During the MultiChoice Talent Factory, the graduates honed their skills in screenwriting, editing, production, directing the business of filmmaking and gaining hands-on experience through immersions on various TV and film projects.

The students completed an intensive 3-week online New York Film Academy (NYFA) course on the production of documentaries, music videos and TV commercials, which exposed them to global networks.

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They also produced two short films for Zee World as well as other short films which have been selected into film festivals such as the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) and the Africa International Human Rights Film Festival (AIHRIFF).

The Class of 2023’s top three graduates received internships in recognition of their exceptional work and achievements.

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