February 25, 2024
Netanyahu Rules Out Gaza Ceasefire Before ‘Elimination’ Of Hamas
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Netanyahu Rules Out Gaza Ceasefire Before ‘Elimination’ Of Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says there will be no ceasefire in Gaza until Israel achieves all the objectives it set itself.

He listed the elimination of Hamas, the release of Israeli hostages and the end of what he called the threat from Gaza, as those objectives.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s comments came after Hamas chief, Ismail Haniyeh, travelled to Cairo on yesterday for talks with Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel to discuss a possible truce in Gaza.

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Meanwhile, Amnesty International says two journalists from the Gaza Strip are among those whose whereabouts are unknown.

Nidal al-Waheidi and Haitham Abdelwahed were detained by Israeli forces on October 7 while they reported from the Israel-Gaza perimeter. They were last seen at the Beit Hanoon (Erez) crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The group also says Israeli authorities, namely the Israeli army, police and Prison Services, have refused to disclose their whereabouts or the legal grounds for their arrest.

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