February 25, 2024
NLC Vows To Storm Imo In ‘Full Force’ On November 1
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NLC Vows To Storm Imo In ‘Full Force’ On November 1

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) says it will mobilise its members to storm Imo State on Wednesday, November 1.

Speaking to journalists at the Labour House yesterday in Abuja, NLC President, Joe Ajaero, said the Imo State Government was violating the rights of the Nigerian workers in the state.

Accusing Governor Hope Uzodimma of neglecting workers’ welfare, Mr. Ajaero said many workers had died because of the alleged lack of payment of their salaries.

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He outlined some of the infractions against workers by the Imo State Governor to include the alleged refusal to implement previous agreements especially the accord reached on January 9, 2021, outstanding salary arrears of about 20 months, unjust declaration of workers as ghost workers, declaration of pensioners as ghost workers and unsettled gratuity arrears among others.

According to him, approximately 10,000 pensioners have been wrongly labelled as ghost pensioners resulting in over 22 months of unpaid pensions while about 11,000 workers have been branded by the Imo State Government as ghost workers.

The NLC President also lamented the non-compliance with the national minimum wage by the state government, adding that Governor Uzodinma has resisted the use of social dialogue and collective bargaining to resolve the issues.

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    […] READ ALSO: NLC Vows To Storm Imo In ‘Full Force’ On November 1 […]

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