June 13, 2024
OAP Dotun Says Musician D’Banj Won’t Bully Him
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OAP Dotun Says Musician D’Banj Won’t Bully Him

Dotun Kayode, the on-air-personality (OAP) popularly known as Do2dtun, has reacted to the court order restraining him from allegedly making defamatory comments about D’banj.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Iyanna, the Abuja district court judge, gave the restraining order earlier sought by D’banj against Dotun.

The judge also ordered the police to probe a criminal complaint brought by D’banj against the media personality within two weeks and report back.

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In response to the restraining directive Do2dtun via Instagram argued that if all the parties involved in his child custody case had obeyed an earlier court order they would not be here.

He says he is not bothered about any court order or being detained in police custody. The OAP added that his goal is to see his kids.

    • 8 months ago

    […] READ ALSO: OAP Dotun Says Musician D’Banj Won’t Bully Him […]

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