June 18, 2024
Ogun Seeks Financial Inclusion For Female Entrepreneurs
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Ogun Seeks Financial Inclusion For Female Entrepreneurs

The Ogun State government is advocating for strong initiatives to prioritise financial inclusion, gender-responsive policies, and supportive networks for women-led businesses to thrive in Nigeria.

Speaking at the 9th Policy Dialogue Series on Entrepreneurship by the FATE Foundation in Lagos, themed: ‘Enabling Nano & Micro Women-led businesses to thrive in Africa’, the state’s Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Adijat Adeleye, said the proposed initiatives were the combined effort of government, non-governmental organisations and public spirited individuals.

She expressed concerns that in Africa, women entrepreneurs in nano and micro enterprises remain crucial for financial growth, but grapple with limited finance.

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She said initiatives like “Nigeria For Women Project” and Ogun State’s “Oko’wo Dapo” had empowered women with grants, training, and networks, saying the present administration has impacted over 100,000 women, breaking barriers and fostering economic resilience.

The Director, FATE Institute, Amaka Nwaokolo, said that nano and micro businesses contribute about 43 per cent of the nation’s GDP, adding that challenges including multiple taxations, access to credits, growth and operations, technological issues and socio-cultural biases are barriers that must be tackled to ensure genuine empowerment for women-owned business, thereby ensuring gender equality in the society.

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    […] READ ALSO: Ogun Seeks Financial Inclusion For Female Entrepreneurs […]

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