July 25, 2024
Philadelphia Journalist And Activist Fatally Shot In His Home
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Philadelphia Journalist And Activist Fatally Shot In His Home

39-year- old Philadelphia-based journalist and activist Josh Kruger  was shot and killed in his home yesterday. 

According to reports, Kruger was shot seven times around 1.30am yesterday and collapsed in the street after trying to contact someone for help. He was pronounced dead shortly after at a nearby hospital.

Police believe the shooter knew how to get in or the door to Kruger’s home was unlocked as there were no signs of forced entry into the home, according to the Associated Press. No arrests have been made and no weapons have been recovered, but the police have suspected the killing is domestic or drug-related.

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An investigation is ongoing. Kruger had publicly noted of several incidents at his home preceding the shooting, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, including a former partner breaking into his home in April, a rock being thrown through his window in August, and someone came to Kruger’s home two weeks ago who he never met looking for their boyfriend and threatening Kruger. 

Kruger wrote about his own experiences with substance abuse and homelessness, contributing as a journalist to the Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia City Paper. He worked for about five years as a spokesperson for the city of Philadelphia, handling the mayor’s office social media platforms and communications duties for the office of homeless services, leaving in 2021 to pursue work as a journalist.

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    […] READ ALSO: Philadelphia Journalist And Activist Fatally Shot In His Home […]

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