May 18, 2024
Philippines Cancels Russia Helicopter Deal Over US Sanctions

Philippines Cancels Russia Helicopter Deal Over US Sanctions

The Philippines has scrapped an order for 16 Russian military helicopters, an official confirmed today, following reports that former president Rodrigo Duterte decided to cancel it due to US sanctions on Moscow.
The United States and its allies have imposed wide-ranging sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine since the 24th of February in a bid to cut off Russia from the global financial system and restrict funds available to Moscow to finance the war.
According to the Philippine spokesman Arsenio Andolon today, the defense department was “formalizing the termination” of the contract.
Without mentioning US sanctions on Moscow, Andolong told international media that “changes in priorities necessitated by global political developments resulted in the cancellation of the project by the previous administration”.
Delfin Lorenzana, who served as defense secretary under former president Duterte, said in March that the Philippines had paid a deposit for the transport helicopters before war erupted in Ukraine and the deal was “on track”.

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