June 2, 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari has Signed Seven New Bills into Law

In a statement issued yesterday, Nasir Illa, senior special assistant to the president on national assembly matters, listed the list of bills which included the Meteorological Agency (Establishment) Act, (2022), the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (Establishment) Act (2022), Civil Aviation Act (2006) and the Civil Aviation Bill (2022). 

As well as the National Institute of Credit Administration (Establishment) Act (2022), the Chartered Institute of Social Work Practitioners (Establishment) Act, (2022), and the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria Act, 2022. 

The seventh bill signed into law establishes the Counselling Practitioners Council of Nigeria, which is saddled with the responsibility of advancing the study, training, and practice of the counseling profession among other things. 

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