April 13, 2024
Prosecutors Search French President Macron’s Party Offices

Prosecutors Search French President Macron’s Party Offices

French prosecutors confirmed yesterday that they had searched the headquarters of President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party in their investigation into the use of consulting firms by the government since 2017. 

The Paris offices of US consulting giant McKinsey were also searched on Tuesday, the National Financial Prosecutors’ Office said, confirming a report in Le Parisien newspaper. 

The use of consultants by Macron’s government came under the spotlight in March after a French Senate inquiry concluded that public spending on them had more than doubled from 2018 to 2021, during Macron’s first term. 

Two probes have been underway since October, looking into possible false election campaign accounting, as well as possible favouritism and conspiracy. 

Some McKinsey consultants are known to have worked as unpaid volunteers on Macron’s victorious 2017 election campaign and prosecutors are thought to be probing whether this entailed a hidden campaign expense. 

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