June 23, 2024
Rep Speaker, Abbas Urges Labour To Shelve Planned Strike
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Rep Speaker, Abbas Urges Labour To Shelve Planned Strike

Tajudeen Abbas, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, has urged organised labour to shelve its planned strike, saying the lower chamber will intervene in the dispute between labour and the Federal Government.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has remained crystal clear in its position that the Federal Government has failed to adequately address the challenges caused by the removal of fuel subsidies.

Abbas however made the appeal to labour today during his opening remarks at a plenary session, following the resumption of plenary after a six-week holiday.

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He asked the unions to consider the actions taken by the government to address the economic situation in the country. 

According to him, embarking on a strike at present will only aggravate an already bad situation.

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