July 14, 2024
Rhodes-Vivour Disagrees With Lagos Over Plastic Ban
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Rhodes-Vivour Disagrees With Lagos Over Plastic Ban

The Labour Party’s 2023 Lagos gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has criticised the Lagos State government’s decision to ban plastic, calling it a “hasty, impulsive decision” devoid of critical policy-making.

The government banned the use and distribution of Styrofoam and other single-use plastics in the state, with immediate effect, citing the daily clogging of most drainage channels in the state.

The government also ordered a clampdown on all production companies and distribution outlets within the state to prevent further distribution of the banned products.

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Mr. Rhodes-Vivour says the ban lacks a well-thought-out alternative and risks devastating the livelihoods of thousands of Lagosians.

He also questioned whether the government had considered the retailers and small business owners whose income is dependent on these products and who may face job losses and business closures.

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