April 15, 2024
Sanwo-Olu Cautions Pilgrims Against Criminal Acts
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Sanwo-Olu Cautions Pilgrims Against Criminal Acts

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State Governor, is cautioning intending pilgrims from Lagos State to shun all acts capable of bringing shame to themselves and the state while in Saudi Arabia.

Represented by his Deputy, Kadir Obafemi Hamzat, during a one-day seminar organized for over 3,588 intending pilgrims, he  specifically warned against going to the Holy Land with illicit drugs or undeclared currencies above 60,000 Riyal or $15,000, reminding them that the Kingdom of Saudi is very tough in the implementation of their laws.

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According to him, no fewer than 384 pilgrims were arrested in Saudi Arabia for committing crimes during the last Hajj exercise in 2022.

The governor added that the pilgrims should focus on the purpose of the journey for their spiritual upliftment and how to become better Muslims. He also called on them to pray for the state and Nigeria as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu takes over the affairs of the nation.

    • 11 months ago

    […] READ ALSO: Sanwo-Olu Cautions Pilgrims Against Criminal Acts […]

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