February 29, 2024
Suspected Drug Smugglers Kill Two Customs Officers In Kebbi
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Suspected Drug Smugglers Kill Two Customs Officers In Kebbi

Less than a month after the Command lost an officer to a smuggler, suspected drug smugglers have killed two officers of the Nigeria Customs Service attached to the Kebbi State Command . The smugglers opened fire on Kabiru Shehu Abdullahi and Abdullahi Mohammed by 1. a.m. when they were checking the car booth of the smugglers while on information Patrol between Bunza- Dakin Gari-Koko road.

The Comptroller of the Command, Dr Ben Oramalugo, said that there was proliferation of hard drugs when he resumed at the Command and he started fighting them, making seizures, and making arrests. He added that  there are rich men who are also into this and they were not happy with him.  He said he discovered a route where these drug smugglers usually go through so he sent his men there.

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Dr. Oramalugo said the officers will continue to carry out the Nigeria Customs Service’s core mandates of suppression of smuggling, facilitation of trade, security, revenue generation and enhancement of civil customs civil relationship to the host communities.

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