April 15, 2024
Swiss Probe Into FIFA Chief Gianni Infantino Dropped
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Swiss Probe Into FIFA Chief Gianni Infantino Dropped

Swiss prosecutors announced yesterday they have dropped their three-year criminal proceedings against FIFA President Gianni Infantino over suspected collusion with officials concerning the corruption scandal that engulfed world football’s governing body.

Infantino declared a “full and clear victory” in the case and demanded an apology from what he called the “envious and corrupt” people out to tarnish his reputation.

A probe was opened in July 2020 to investigate suspicions of collusion between Infantino and Switzerland’s then-attorney general Michael Lauber, the country’s top prosecutor.

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Two special prosecutors were assigned to the case, but in a statement yesterday, they said the investigation had closed, with the allegations refuted.

In a statement, FIFA noted its satisfaction with the decision, saying the only surprise was how long it had taken to reach what it called an “obvious conclusion”.

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    […] READ ALSO: Swiss Probe Into FIFA Chief Gianni Infantino Dropped […]

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