April 12, 2024
Tens Of Thousands Join Pro-Palestinian Marches And Sit-ins Across UK
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Tens Of Thousands Join Pro-Palestinian Marches And Sit-ins Across UK

Tens of thousands of protesters joined rallies and sit-ins in dozens of towns and cities across the UK to call for an end to Israeli attacks in Gaza.

The Metropolitan Police estimate there were 30,000 in central London alone. At Edinburgh and Glasgow rail stations, and at London’s Charing Cross, people sat on the floor stopping travellers from catching trains, police said.

In London, 29 people were arrested for offences including inciting racial hatred. Two were arrested on suspicion of breaching the Terrorism Act in connection with the wording on a banner.

One man was arrested on suspicion of making antisemitic comments during a speech after he was identified on social media.

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Pro-Palestinian protests have been held in London, and other cities globally, each Saturday since war began last month.

Israel has been bombarding Gaza with prolonged air strikes following the 7 October attacks on southern Israel by Hamas, in which they killed 1,400 people and took more than 200 hostage.

The health ministry in Gaza says Israeli air strikes have killed more than 9,000 people since the conflict resumed recently.

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