May 18, 2024
Terrorist Fine Zamfara Communities For Providing Information That Led To Brother’s Death
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Terrorist Fine Zamfara Communities For Providing Information That Led To Brother’s Death

A terrorist has fined three Zamafara communities for providing information to security agencies of the government.

Kamarawa, Sabuwar Kamarawa and Gebe are the three communities in Shinkafi Local Government in Zamfara State.

According to report the communities have been forced to pay N3 million to a notorious banditry kingpin, known as Dan Bokolo, to avoid being attacked.

The report said Bokolo is annoyed with the communities for allegedly providing security operatives with the information used in the arrest of his brother, Abdullahi.

It was alleged that some members of the community told security operatives of his whereabouts.

The payment of the protection levy is against the stand of the governor of the state, Dauda Lawal, who maintained the state government would not dialogue with the terrorists.

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The terrorist was planning to attack the communities when elders in the area decided to reach out to him for a peace deal.

After a series of negotiations, the terrorist, Dan Bokolo agreed that the three villages should pay afine of N3 million for telling on his brother. He had originally asked for N6 million.

A human rights activist and peace advocate Basharu Guyawa, said payment of protection levies has become a norm in eastern Sokoto and Zamfara.

Guyawa said he spoke to various residents in Kamarawa who told him the communities have increased the money the terrorists demanded.

He said Bello Turji [another notorious terrorist] had to intervene for Dan Bokolo to even listen to the people of the communities.

He added that the problem is there is no assurance that he is going to keep to his promise not to attack the area.

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