May 21, 2024
The US Donates $75m To Africa’s Electoral Authorities
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The US Donates $75m To Africa’s Electoral Authorities

The United States President Joe Biden has announced a $75 million to counteract “democratic backsliding” including by strengthening electoral authorities and civil society and a $100 million security investment for Africa.  

Biden made this announcement while also throwing his support behind a larger African role in the world as he also vowed to champion democracy in a continent at the US- Africa Summit yesterday. 

 The US leader On Wednesday, met jointly with the leaders of six nations that hold elections next year including Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest countries in population and size respectively, to seek promises on free elections. 

Biden, who in September called for an African permanent seat on the UN Security Council, backed a permanent African Union role in the Group of 20 economies and said he was planning a visit — the first by a US president since 2015 — to sub-Saharan Africa. 

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