April 12, 2024
Third Mainland Bridge Repairs Completed
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Third Mainland Bridge Repairs Completed

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mrs Olukorede Kesha, has expressed satisfaction with repairs done on the Third Mainland Bridge while it was closed from midnight on Saturday till midnight on Sunday. 

During an on-the-spot assessment of the repairs on the bridge yesterday, Mrs Kesha assured motorists that the palliative work done on some critical portions would keep the highway in good condition pending the comprehensive rehabilitation scheduled for January 2024.

During the inspection, the controller stopped on various portions between Iyana-Oworo and Adeniji-Adele where remedial repairs had been done on a 9.7-kilometre stretch of the Lagos Island in-bound lane.

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She said the comprehensive rehabilitation in January would involve total removal and replacement of the asphalt surface.

The controller added that damaged ramps and expansion joints would be replaced, in addition to the painting of the parapet walls and other major repairs.

According to her, the contract awarded for comprehensive rehabilitation of the bridge in January would last for six months but would be divided into two segments of three months for each phase.

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