April 13, 2024
Twitter Users Voted On Monday To Oust CEO Elon Musk
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Twitter Users Voted On Monday To Oust CEO Elon Musk

Just weeks after he took over as head of the social media giant, Elon Musk, organised an online poll and promised to honour the outcome of the result.  He asked users if he should step down as the head of Twitter? Saying that he would abide by the results of this poll.” 

“Should I step down as head of Twitter?” he tweeted, asking the site’s users to click yes or no. 

While the poll was live, Musk engaged followers, saying he did not have a replacement lined up. And at the end of the poll, 57.5 percent of more than 17 million accounts said he should go — with Musk not yet responding to the result. 

“No one wants a job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor,” he said. 

Making a “fun suggestion” to Musk, MIT research scientist Lex Fridman offered to run the platform for a bit for no salary. 

In a downbeat response, Musk said Twitter was “in the fast lane to bankruptcy.”  

“You must like pain a lot. One catch: you have to invest your life savings in Twitter and it has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy since May. Still want the job?” Musk asked.

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