June 2, 2023
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Ukrainian Army Revamps Commercial Drones to Attack Russian Tanks, Trenches

A former IT programmer now serving as a Ukrainian soldier says a four-rotor commercial drone which sells over the counter for $300 can be modified to carry explosives that will destroy Russian tanks.

Speaking to Reuters, the soldier, who goes by the call sign Kakrurt, says his team has done it many times, and destroyed enemy tanks, heavy military equipment, as well as personnel. 

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Kakrurt fights for Ukraine’s 35th Marine Brigade, which modifies commercially-available drones and uses them to attack Russian forces who are occupying swathes of Ukraine’s east and south. Drones have been used extensively by both Moscow and Kyiv’s forces since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year.

Ukraine has said it is expanding its drone programme for both reconnaissance and attacking enemy targets in order to narrow the gap between its military capabilities and those of Russia.

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