February 28, 2024
UN Agencies Appeal For ‘Faster, Safer Aid Access’ To Avoid Spread Of Disease In Gaza
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UN Agencies Appeal For ‘Faster, Safer Aid Access’ To Avoid Spread Of Disease In Gaza

A joint statement by the World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) says the quantities of aid reaching residents of the enclave fall far short of what is needed to prevent a deadly combination of hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

The appeal comes after a UN analysis confirmed that the entire population of Gaza are facing at least crisis levels of food insecurity.

The agencies called on Israel to use Ashdod port, which is roughly 40 kilometres to the north of Gaza, to allow in more aid. It also called on authorities to open more crossings into the enclave, while allowing in commercial traffic.

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 WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, says People in Gaza are suffering from a lack of food, water, medicines and adequate healthcare. 

He warns that famine will make what he calls, an already terrible situation, catastrophic because sick people are more likely to succumb to starvation and starving people are more vulnerable to disease.

The WHO chief also says the agencies need unimpeded and safe access to deliver aid, and a humanitarian ceasefire to prevent further death and suffering.

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