April 12, 2024
US Republicans Launch Push To Impeach Biden
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US Republicans Launch Push To Impeach Biden

Lawmakers from the Republican Party in the US voted yesterday to kickstart the formalities that could lead to President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Far right lawmakers within the party are seeking to seize the-party’s agenda and escalate a bitter standoff with the US president.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted along party lines to refer a resolution to the judiciary and homeland security committees.

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They accuse the 80-year-old President of “abuse of power” and “dereliction of duty”.

Republicans also accuse the US President of failing to control immigration, which they say has led to the country’s “complete and total invasion” and “surrender of operational control” of the US-Mexico border to “foreign, criminal cartels.”

Democrats say the Republicans are simply deflecting attention from the mushrooming legal woes of former president Donald Trump, who faces more than 70 felony counts of financial fraud, mishandling government secrets and obstructing law enforcement.

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    […] READ ALSO: US Republicans Launch Push To Impeach Biden […]

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