April 19, 2024
Why We Rescheduled Census – National Population Commission
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Why We Rescheduled Census – National Population Commission

The National Population Commission (NPC) has given reasons why the 2023 census has been postponed.


Mr. Isiaka Yahaya, NPC spokesperson, says the exercise was rescheduled so that the incoming administration would get an idea of how the census will be conducted, to hone the process. He added that if this is done, it will be easier for the new administration to utilise the census for planning purposes.


He also counteredi rumours that the census was postponed owing to inadequate funding and insisted that the commission was fully prepapred.

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Another reason given by the NPC Spokesman is the rescheduling of the elections which he says did not leave enough time for an evaporation of the mood of the country after elections.


“Another reason again has to do with the mood of the nation. When we planned to conduct the census after election, we believe that we’ll be able to have enough window between the period when the election will be concluded and also when the census will be carried out. Unfortunately, the rescheduling of the election did not allow for total evaporation of the mood.


The National Population Commission will announce a new date for the exercise.

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