April 19, 2024
Zamfara Abduction: Bandits Release 12 Children, Kill One
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Zamfara Abduction: Bandits Release 12 Children, Kill One

Armed bandits have released the remaining 12 children they kidnapped from Wanzamai village in Tsafe local government area of Zamfara state. The 12 victims were freed by the gunmen after N500,000 was paid to them. They, however, shot one of the remaining captives dead.


The bandits had earlier released 70 out of 83 children they abducted from the community and killed three.


Recall a month ago, the armed men trapped the victims on farmlands and abducted them. The victims were mostly the residents of Wanzamai — a community that has suffered a series of bandit incursions in the past.


The children were abducted on their way to the bush to fetch firewood, while the adults were kidnapped on farmlands when they went to clear land in preparation for this year’s cropping season.

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