February 29, 2024
British Foreign Minister ‘Worried’ Israel May Have Breached International Law In Gaza
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British Foreign Minister ‘Worried’ Israel May Have Breached International Law In Gaza

British Foreign Minister, David Cameron, says he is worried that Israel’s war on Gaza may have included breaches of international law.

Speaking to the British parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday, Mr. Cameron said some of what he had seen during the war in the besieged Palestinian territory was, in his own words, “deeply concerning”.

Asked during a question-and-answer session with lawmakers if Israel could be found wanting by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague over whether its actions were proportionate, Cameron said the possibility existed.

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While the former prime minister did not directly answer questions about whether he had received legal advice that Israel might have broken the law, he said some incidents had raised questions over whether there had been breaches.

The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its support for Israel multiple times and backed its right to defend itself against Hamas, but has also called on the Israeli military to show restraint and act within international law in its offensive in Gaza.

The Foreign Affairs Committee scrutinises the work of the UK’s foreign ministry, to which Cameron was appointed late last year.

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