February 26, 2024
LP Is Nigeria’s Main Opposition Party Says Obi
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LP Is Nigeria’s Main Opposition Party Says Obi

The 2023 Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, says the party will continue to adjust to its new role as Nigeria’s main opposition party.

In his New Year Message to Nigerians yesterday, Mr. Obi said the nation must work assiduously to avoid drifting to a one-party state, or a situation where the Federal Government intervened unduly in the internal affairs of the states, particularly in circumstances where national security is not threatened.

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While thanking members of the Labour Party, the Obidient Family, friends and well-wishers of Nigeria for what he labeled as their loyalty, resilience, tenacity and commitment to true democracy, he promised to continue engaging all Nigerians constructively.

He noted that the nation’s economy needed a turnaround considering the rising unemployment, inflation, poverty, inequality and other key socioeconomic variables.

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