May 19, 2024
Medical Brain Drain: Train More Doctors – Hamzat
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Medical Brain Drain: Train More Doctors – Hamzat

The Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Obafemi Hamzat, says the best solution to addressing the problem of medical doctors migrating to other nations, is to increase the capacity to train more medical practitioners.

Addressing the press in Lagos on Sunday, the Deputy Governor noted that migration is inevitable and stressed the need for the country to increase its training capacity to fill the roles many emigrating medical practitioners have created.

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Deputy Governor Hamzat also cited the 2022 case of 197 Americans who discarded their passports to become Singaporeans, arguing that people will continue to emigrate but the Nigerian government must always seek new ways to benefit from the countries these Nigerian doctors are migrating to. 

He also proposed some form of compensation from the destination countries the doctors migrate to.

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    […] READ ALSO: Medical Brain Drain: Train More Doctors – Hamzat […]

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