July 21, 2024
Legislators Warn Against School Fees Hike
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Legislators Warn Against School Fees Hike

The House of Representatives is cautioning public tertiary institutions in the country against hiking their fees in light of the new law that has introduced student loans.

The Students Loans and Access to Higher Education in Nigeria Act was signed into law  last month by President Ahmed Tinubu. It makes money in the form of loans available to indigent students studying at higher institutions 

The warning on fee hikes came as a motion by Honourable Terseer Ugbor (APC-Benue)  on student loans an higher education was adopted  at the house plenary session yesterday. The legislators agreed to convene  a Legislative summit  with all stakeholders on students loans and access to higher education. 

Speaking during the plenary, Honourable Ugbor said the new law is patriotic and is likely to have a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged citizens by giving them affordable access to higher education,  pointing out that these sorts of credit schemes are found in many countries across the world.  

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